Thinking outside the inbox ‘improves team work’

He works for IBM Madrid, lives in Gran Canaria and his boss is based in the United States. So why on Earth did Luis Suarez decide to give up email? The social software evangelist tells Kate Bassett about his take on life outside the inbox

Partners can deliver more for less

Outsourcing can free up a company to concentrate on what it does best while delegating business functions to partners who are experts in their field, writes Charles Orton-Jones

Cities are best working together

Taking an integrated approach to the services cities provide will improve efficiencies, costs and residents’ quality of life, writes Mike Scott

Mutual gain and less pain

Supplier relationship management focuses on developing in-depth, co-operative relationships with a handful of key suppliers. Even so, it can still be a challenge to get it right, writes Graeme Burton

The long and diversifying road

Josh Sims explores the detour Italian car manufacturers are taking through brand licensing

How investment pays dividends

Such is the overwhelming scale of the Aids epidemic in southern Africa that only concerted action by a global business coalition can confront the HIV threat, writes Rod Newing