Seven agile management behaviours

Top management are eager to understand the successes they see in agile innovation of the post-internet boom, says Brian Wernham, deputy chairman of the Governance Specific Interest Group of the Association for Project Management

A question of regulation and security

Within the payments industry, who is responsible for educating the key stakeholders, members of the public, and innovators around the most pertinent regulatory changes, security issues and adoption challenges facing the sector? What is the most essential issue to communicate in 2014? Four thought-leaders each offer an answer

Re-align business and boost profits

Despite what carefully constructed adverts in airports and business magazines may claim, business transformation is not a silver bullet designed to save money and earn an executive promotion. But what is it and how do you do it successfully? Tim Stafford explains

Collaborative success for UK manufacturing

Innovation in UK high-value manufacturing is on the rise, says Catapult

Is your retail business ready?

Retailers trading in a dynamic business environment face challenges which require a collaborative approach to product lifecycle management, says TradeStone

5 areas to drive competitive advantage

Charles Orton-Jones finds five areas where, without you realising it, a well-managed supply chain can drive competitive advantage

Ten steps to business partnering

Through a complex web of processes and relationships, effective supply chains allow companies to meet the demand for their product or service, keep costs to a minimum and maintain a balance between agility and resilience – a key ingredient of competitive advantage, says EY

The sky is the limit for cloud services

It is still early days for the cloud and over time its lure will surely only grow, writes Charles Orton-Jones