Taking steps towards a BYOD business

Organisations that encourage employees to bring their own technology to work can reap the rewards of a connected and empowered staff

Creating a culture of collaboration

Collaboration has been shown to support productivity and business performance, as well as improving employee engagement. Implementing the right culture is far from easy, but businesses that get it right stand to attract and retain the best talent

Mastering technology for innovation

Investing in the right tools creates a unique opportunity to improve engagement and collaboration. However, such technology needs to be selected carefully and made to work hard if it is to have a measurable impact on business performance.

Supply chain collaboration is a must-have

Improved management and performance of supply chains are central to the growth and prosperity of the UK construction sector in a period of expansion

8 steps for successful change management

8 steps for successful change management

For 20 years, Harvard Business School leadership and change guru Dr John P. Kotter’s eight steps for business transformation have helped leaders revitalise their organisations

Writing a business strategy

Writing a business strategy

How to draw up a company strategy and business plan may vary, depending on the organisation and individuals involved, but the aim remains the same

Cloud is a clear way to work together


Cloud computing not only offers significant cost benefits to businesses, but it also enables staff to collaborate on projects wherever they are working, as Tom Fox-Brewster reports

Working towards shared aims

The agile business involves staff at every level of strategy and planning, but must act without delay, writes Nic Fildes