UK government sets digital example

UK government sets example for rest

The UK is blazing a trail with digital government and picking up admirers along the way, writes Stuart Lauchlan

How to ride the mobile app wave

Kony Image

Using the right app development platform can keep your company ahead of the curve, says Thomas E. Hogan, chief executive of Kony

The other mobile revolution

The mobility revolution is visibly transforming our lives and our jobs, says Marcus Jewell, VP of EMEA at Brocade

Data security for M&A deals

Data Security

According to a recent survey by cloud security specialists Drooms, data protection is seen as “very important” for 88 per cent of M&A specialists and managers

Unlocking the potential of customer data

Shoppers scanning products with mobile phone

Businesses are deluged by data – a wave of information that has opened up new possibilities for a far-sighted few, writes Marcus Leroux

Blurring boundaries at work

Work revolution is blurring boundaries

The nature of work continues to evolve, often driven by technological innovation, and is now an “anywhere, anytime” culture, writes Edwin Smith

Cloud is a clear way to work together


Cloud computing not only offers significant cost benefits to businesses, but it also enables staff to collaborate on projects wherever they are working, as Tom Fox-Brewster reports

Business growth via the cloud

Achieve business growth using the cloud

Moving to the cloud is a fast way to accelerate business growth without crippling costs, as Charles Orton-Jones reports