Creating apps without coding skills

Building apps without coding skills

Cloud-based drag-and-drop app building tools are described as digital LEGO, but what business benefits do they offer?

Cloud of mistrust in the air

Cloud of mistrust in the air

Storing data in the cloud could unlock potential for many businesses, but some remain sceptical about security

Music, movies and theatre via the stream

Where next for media streaming

It is easier than ever to deliver digital content via the cloud, livening up how we get music, movies and theatre

Why the cloud is perfect for startups

Why the cloud is perfect for startups

The cloud can help newcomers compete with established players and provide affordable, scalable resources to build a profitable business

Hybrid cloud formation mixes public and private

Hybrid cloud formation mixes public and private

An integrated cloud computing environment, which mixes public and secure private services, is the business solution for an increasing number of organisations

10 cloud services on offer

Types of cloud services on offer

Available on demand via the internet, cloud services offer a comprehensive business menu

Assurance and trust in the cloud

Assurance and trust in the cloud

Although the popularity of cloud computing is increasing rapidly, potential customers may perceive security barriers that are inhibiting wider adoption of services, says Daniele Catteddu, Cloud Security Alliance managing director for Europe, the Middle East and Africa

The role of cloud in tech trends

The role of cloud in tech trends

According to researchers at Gartner, the physical and digital worlds are merging – increasingly in the cloud – with machine intelligence processing the resulting information, impacting on businesses and consumers alike