6 ways cloud is maximising customer experience

Companies are at the mercy of their customers these days and customer expectation is sky-high. If customers are not getting good service, they’re off, as fast as they can redeem their loyalty points. So with global spending on cloud infrastructure on the up, how are businesses using it to maximise customer experience

Hybrid cloud: the best of both worlds

The cloud is soaring in popularity, yet a significant number of firms are sticking with an on-premises set-up to work alongside it, preferring a hybrid model which is now the dominant approach

Cloud at the core of disruptive business models

Cloud computing has reached a tipping point as buying IT on demand has moved to the core of technology provision with businesses using it to transform their operations

5 Unusual uses for cloud

We list five of the most unusual business uses for cloud from keeping animals fed and happy to bringing the written word to life

Second wave of cloud is rolling in

New adopters of cloud technology want more than greater speed and lower costs – they want measurable business transformation

Cloud and the digital imperative

The way in which forward-thinking organisations transact is going through some fundamental changes while businesses have come to embrace digital technologies as a means of disrupting industries and securing competitive advantage, says Alex Hilton, Cloud Industry Forum chief executive

Keeping your head in the clouds

Neil Davidson, vice president of enterprise at Deltek, explains how cloud technology can support business transformation in the professional services sector

IoT: Think beyond the ‘things’

Paddy Srinivasan, general manager of LogMeIn’s Xively IoT division, explains how the internet of things can strengthen brands and improve customer experience – with the right support