UK cloud companies need a China connection

China skyline

UK companies in the cloud sector cannot afford not to be in China, but may need to team up with a local partner to break into the Chinese market

The complicated cost of cloud

cost of cloud computing

Matching your needs to the amount of cloud you buy should save cash, but it’s no easy task to always get it right

The benefits of shadow IT

professional looking at their phone

Is it time to recalculate the rewards shadow IT brings to information technology and redefine the risk?

Trend watch: Serverless computing

Server in the cloud

It’s one of the hottest trends in tech, however serverless computing is also one of the most misunderstood – for starters, it may be called serverless, but it uses servers

Bright outlook for business in the cloud

Organisations are increasingly attracted by cloud-based services to handle all sorts of communications, including telephony, audio and video-conferencing, and e-mail, as well as data storage, network provision and security

Cloud is shaping a new UK digital landscape

Cloud computing, with its benefits of affordable scale, speed and collaboration, is spreading across the business landscape

Dispelling cloud security myths

Cloud Industry Forum research reveals that while 70 per cent of businesses cite concerns about security when moving to the cloud, 99 per cent never experience a breach when there

Cloud adoption on the up as investment rises

Almost half of smaller businesses in the UK are forecast by GE Capital to increase their spending on cloud technology this year