Balancing privacy with intelligence

Big data analytics have been described as a natural progression from cloud computing, which has effectively liberated organisations from data storage limitations. But possible invasion of individuals’ privacy is a matter of concern, writes Joanna Goodman

Cloud at the tip of the iceberg

Take-up of cloud-based solutions in business process outsourcing is slowly gathering pace, but still has some way to go, writes James Silver

Blowing the clouds away

You’re probably already using cloud computing, writes Nick Gordon. But could you be using it even more effectively?

Service suppliers: risk or rigour?

Working with third parties, whether they are hosting companies, co-location sites or cloud providers, is bound to raise security fears, writes Rod Newing

Information security is not alone

Businesses face a whole spectrum of risks, but rather than waste effort by taking each in isolation, the real dividends will come from a holistic and layered defence, writes Kevin Townsend