How tech is streamlining the property sector

From poorly measured floor plans to overdue payments, innovative technology solutions are making property processes simpler than ever. Here are three examples

Competition cumulates in the cloud

cloud competition

With cost no longer the sole differentiator, cloud services providers must offer customers a lot more in the battle for top spot

Making the most of a multi-cloud approach

Here’s how multi-cloud can enable enterprise IT functions of the future

Private cloud or public? Which should you choose?

Precisely what is meant by the cloud often depends on who you’re speaking to and what they’re trying to sell

Looking forward to the future of cloud computing

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Who are the leading providers of cloud services?

Workers outside Amazon web services office

The lucrative cloud services market has seen a race for dominance and, although there are clear leaders, much is still at stake

Connect to the cloud with confidence

As companies move applications and data to the cloud, one question is getting more and more attention: what is the best way to connect to cloud services?

The future of workforce planning is here

Do you know what skillsets and talents you need to drive your business strategy forward? How do you plan headcount and stay ahead of skills gaps that could otherwise hinder your company’s growth or erode competitive advantage? How do you streamline workforce spending in select areas of your business while growing expenditure in others?