Data quality: your company’s biggest obstacle

data quality

Data analytics is becoming increasingly scalable, sophisticated and accessible aided by cloud infrastructure, but challenges remain in data quality and building the right culture

Why cloud adoption still misses the mark

missing the mark

The impact of cloud computing can be transformational, but finding the strategy that works for your business is not always clear cut

Private cloud or public? Which should you choose?

Precisely what is meant by the cloud often depends on who you’re speaking to and what they’re trying to sell

Looking forward to the future of cloud computing

Cloud formations are changing and opening up new opportunities for organisations that stand to profit from exciting future developments in the industry

What 5G will do for VR/AR

In the not-to-distant future, it will be commonplace to see people wearing augmented reality (AR) glasses or virtual reality (VR) headsets, walking the streets, waiting at bus stops or sat in offices

US government faces giant IT challenges

Challenges of adopting cloud for US government

Utilising the cloud to adopt e-government is patchy in America where federal agencies face major challenges

Three major ways cloud is transforming sport

NFL player Jason Avant drinking energy drink

Sports organisations are using the cloud, on and off the field of play, to achieve record goals and reach a growing worldwide audience

Assurance and trust in the cloud

Assurance and trust in the cloud

Although the popularity of cloud computing is increasing rapidly, potential customers may perceive security barriers that are inhibiting wider adoption of services, says Daniele Catteddu, Cloud Security Alliance managing director for Europe, the Middle East and Africa