Lack of regulation is a drag

Dithering regulators and a complete absence of conclusive clinical research has left e-cigarette brands guessing about how they should manufacture and sell their products, writes Dan Matthews

A cancer coming in from the cold

It’s a disease that affects men and many are reluctant to seek diagnosis, but awareness of prostate cancer is rising along with survival rates, writes Liz Bestic

New tests and biomarkers are improving diagnosis

Accurate diagnosis of prostate cancer is an ever-present problem but, as Corinne Swainger discovers, new developments promise progress

Trial challenges the management of low-risk prostate cancer

More than 40,000 men in the UK are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. Some have a lethal illness and around 10,000 will die. However, in many men prostate cancer is harmless and does not need any treatment, says Dr Chris Parker

Scan and biopsy trial is most accurate test in the world

Professor Mark Emberton examines the reliability of testing for prostate cancer and looks to the future for better diagnostic procedures

Treatment advances offer new hope for patients

New therapies are being developed for patients in the late stage of prostate cancer, when in 90 per cent of cases the tumour has spread to the bones, writes Victoria Lambert

Growth after low-hanging fruit has been picked

Jason Hesse leads a discussion among four industry experts on how the healthcare sector can overcome its problems and adapt to a challenging future

New drugs, vaccines, gels and foams are on the way

More than 50 drugs, as well as vaccines and protective gels and creams, are in development as researchers search for new ways to tackle HIV, writes Roger Dobson