Clinical research gets creative

Of the 281,000 registered clinical studies recorded worldwide by Statista this year, thousands are of cardiovascular disease which accounts for 31 per cent of all global deaths

Breakthrough in IVF research could boost success rates

Analysis of embryo development following intracytoplasmic sperm injection at the IVF Centre, University Women's Hospital Bonn, Germany

Latest research into growing human eggs outside the body has been hailed as a breakthrough, but it could be some time before childless couples benefit

How 3D printing is transforming healthcare

Tilly Lockey, who lost both hands to meningitis as a baby, with her a custom-built 3D printed prosthetic

Technological advances look set to make 3D printing the most rapidly evolving technology in medical research, with the potential to transform healthcare

‘Old’ drugs for new treatments

An unprecedented choice of treatments may soon be available in the battle against multiple sclerosis, as John Illman reports

Excellent maternity care in a safe environment with a team of highly skilled professionals

Situated in the heart of London at St Thomas’ Hospital, the Westminster Maternity Suite is a perfect setting for what is sure to be an unforgettable moment for you and your partner as you welcome your new baby into the world

Lack of regulation is a drag

Dithering regulators and a complete absence of conclusive clinical research has left e-cigarette brands guessing about how they should manufacture and sell their products, writes Dan Matthews

A cancer coming in from the cold

It’s a disease that affects men and many are reluctant to seek diagnosis, but awareness of prostate cancer is rising along with survival rates, writes Liz Bestic

New tests and biomarkers are improving diagnosis

Accurate diagnosis of prostate cancer is an ever-present problem but, as Corinne Swainger discovers, new developments promise progress