Urbanisation breathing innovative new life into cities

As well as major challenges, growing urbanisation presents big opportunities to build better, sustainable cities for the future, according to the World Economic Forum

Cash-strapped cities are battlegrounds for clean energy

Traffic congestion in the Chinese capital Beijing, home to almost 22 million people

Ever-expanding towns and cities, too often strapped for cash, are the battleground for clean growth

The rise of city car-sharing

Are we witnessing a cultural shift away from owning a car as mobility is increasingly viewed as a service just a tap away on a smartphone?

The future of smart cities

Future smart cities are unlikely to look that much different, but they are destined to interact differently with their human inhabitants

Doing what comes naturally

Once viewed as erotic capital, female advantage is now more about character and ability than short skirts and cleavage, writes Rowenna Davis

The unsung hero rivalling the City

Outsourcing is the victim of a reality gap – the difference between its real worth to the UK economy and negative public perceptions, as Rebecca Brace discovers