Three ways to tackle urbanisation

With nearly 70 per cent of the world’s population expected to live in towns and cities by 2050, rapid urbanisation is one of the biggest challenges of our time, putting unprecedented pressure on transportation systems, utilities and the environment. But emerging technologies are affording new, smarter ways to maintain, build and interact with infrastructure in an effort to make urbanisation more manageable

How spatial analysis is changing our cities

Digitisation is revolutionising the way infrastructure is built and maintained, giving organisations the ability to track a dazzling variety of datasets to better inform decisions

Cities of the future: digitally-transformed infrastructure

Building infrastructure can result in a complicated and disjointed project desperately in need of digital technologies to connect all parties

Treating city wastewater as a resource

Faced with a rising global water shortage, cities can no longer pour away precious resources and must recycle wastewater

Five top centres of innovation in financial tech

Card payment using iZettle

Leading fintech cities, including London and Berlin, should not be complacent because there are emerging centres of excellence snapping at their heels

Which UK city will be named the ‘City of Culture’ 2021?

We map the 11 cities in the race for the 2021 crown

Bordeaux, Nantes and Marseilles: three bright stars on the horizon

Marseilles Given its gritty past, it was perhaps no surprise that Marseilles stars as the setting for the Netflix series starring Gérard Depardieu as the coke-snorting mayor. Yet France’s second city has undergone a huge metamorphosis from criminal to cultural capital of the Mediterranean and, in 2013, was crowned European capital of culture. As part of [Read more]

The World’s busiest metro systems

Panama Metropolis

The proliferation of metro systems has rocketed over recent decades, as decision-makers from all corners of the globe recognise their huge potential to enable cities to thrive.As metro continues to grow we take a look at the regional split of metro systems across the world.