Provocation and posturing in the South China Sea

Chinese construction work on a disputed island chain in one of the world’s busiest shipping routes has escalated into a multinational military build-up

Why Tesco expansion into China failed

Tesco store in China

Tesco’s solo failure to crack the Chinese market can teach other firms looking to expand abroad some valuable lessons

Team China’s Formula E racing dreams

Steven Lu, team principal of NEXTEV Team China Racing, explains why he entered Formula E, what he wants to achieve and his vision for the future of the championship

Launch of the China International Payments System

China International Payments System

China’s response to the SWIFT international payments system should bring good news for corporate treasurers with lower costs and more efficient settlement of transactions in renminbi

Hub airports become economic dynamos

Airport Hubs

Hub airports are no longer simply places to pick up a connecting flight – they are set to become global economic drivers

Quality not quantity for M&A

Worldwide M_A focus - crop

High-value global deals are leading the way in a mergers and acquisitions drive powered by cash-rich corporates, writes Sally Percy

Getting back into the swing of golf

Golf as enjoyed by the well-heeled is in good shape, but overall public participation has faded. Edwin Smith looks at ways of correcting the dip in popularity

10 trends in the internet of things

From in-vivo sensors to the rise of China, Charles Orton-Jones spots ten trends and applications making the internet of things (IoT) arguably the world’s most exciting technology