Tech should enhance customer service, not replace it

‘A digital-only experience ducks the fundamental need for people to interact with well-trained staff’

How technology is granting public access to justice

Technology has the potential to democratise the law, opening up judgments and representation to the under-represented

Are personalised chatbots the new business travel agents?

business woman on looking on phone in crowd of people travel chatbots

Business travel is being transformed by technology as chatbots increasingly provide travellers with a personalised service

Insurers use chatbots to connect with millennials

Women on oxford street using phones

Insurance companies are set to launch a new wave of chatbot virtual assistants targeting the social-media generation at ease with technology

Making chatbots work for you

Woman holding phone with WeChat app open

As the number of bots and virtual customer service agents grow, so does the frustration and the number of failed deployments. IFS-mplsystems outlines the four cornerstones of a successful implementation and how to make the chatbots work for you

Lies and chatbots are also undermining commerce

Fake news is a disturbing problem that destabilises democracy, social cohesion, public trust and the value of truth

Chatbots can learn what you like

AI in business illustration

The next frontier for customer service is being driven by artificial intelligence so brands can target consumers with products based on their personal taste

The rise of checkout-free shops and chatbot estate agents

AI in retail

Finance and law are often cited as the sectors leading adoption of artificial intelligence, but several others, notably retail, oil and gas, and real estate, are benefiting from the technology