Doing good is good for business

Doing good is good for business

Philanthropy sells when clients and customers identify with causes backed by businesses. Nick Martindale reports

Rebuilding trust by helping communities


Why the banking sector’s investment in local communities is crucial for Britain’s economic growth

Building social change


Donating cash is not the only way to support communities and make a difference to people’s lives

Expert giving to grow enterprise

The gift of business expertise serves social enterprises, who want to grow their operations, and the businesses making the donation

Rich give more than government

Those wishing to give something back to society are no longer content to simply write a cheque and now wish to establish sustainable legacies, writes Fiona Bond

Local spending does most to aid communities in need

Mining companies are now among the most committed to helping host communities develop, writes Martin Beaver

Fighting back and returning to work

People living with HIV may find themselves out of work and with few prospects of getting a job, writes Rowenna Davis

HIV programmes pay for themselves and save cash

Combating the spread of HIV among workers is not only right on moral grounds, but also makes good business sense, as Rod Newing reports