How impact investing can tackle the plastic crisis

impact investing scheme woman at eco-friendly stove

Profit-for-purpose organisation ClimateCare is creating mini economies that deliver social and environmental benefits in hard-to-reach areas

Why choose a smaller charity?

smaller charity local homeless support

Smaller charities often support less well known, but very worthy causes – it’s time they received a bigger share of corporate donations

The fight against fistula

people wearing Action on Fistula t-shirts giving thumbs up

With so many worthy causes looking for support, why has a pharmaceutical company chosen to focus on a distressing condition that many have never heard of?

The power of niche charity partnerships

charity partnerships East Congo

They might not be as visible as large charities, but there are many smaller charities doing exciting and valuable work

Corporate donors need to start giving smarter

corporate donors graphic

Interest among companies in niche charities is growing – and it’s creating some exciting partnerships

Getting staff behind supporting a niche charity

How can business leaders encourage staff buy-in for a charity that is focused on a less well-known or initially unappealing cause?

Smaller charities must work more closely with business

In an increasingly uncertain world, what does the future hold for smaller charities focusing on often unmet needs?

Philanthrocapitalism and the future of giving

Giving money away intelligently is hard. Rupert Scofield, President, CEO & co-founder FINCA International explains why the act of philanthropy is still crucial in the early stage development of any sustainable project