Philanthrocapitalism and the future of giving

Giving money away intelligently is hard. Rupert Scofield, President, CEO & co-founder FINCA International explains why the act of philanthropy is still crucial in the early stage development of any sustainable project

Advocacy goes online in the digital age

Amnesty campaigners outside the US Embassy in London in April 2017 to mark 100 days of President Donald Trump’s administration

Building awareness, winning members and raising funds can be more effective online for third-sector organisations

Why doing good is great for business

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Merkel Meets With Bill Gates

Meet the 14 wealthy titans that have joined The Giving Pledge, promising more than half their wealth to philanthropic causes

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Zoom: where F1 and charity clicks


Ever wanted to see the world through the eyes of an F1 driver? The annual Zoom charity auction gives fans the opportunity to do just that

Giving expertise, not just money

Giving expertise, not just money

Corporate philanthropy is moving away from grand projects and big donations to a more vibrant world of relationship and capacity building, volunteering and partnerships, writes Emma Burnell