Blurring boundaries at work

Work revolution is blurring boundaries

The nature of work continues to evolve, often driven by technological innovation, and is now an “anywhere, anytime” culture, writes Edwin Smith

Change to survive and grow

Change is necessary to survive and grow

The UK must transform traditional, slow-moving firms into fast-track, agile companies, writes Charles Orton-Jones

An agile partnership needs agile people

For outsourcing to enable organisational agility, people must be empowered to drive change, says arvato

Managing the move to a mobile-centric world of work

Many businesses are becoming compelled to consider a significant change in the way they and their people work. There are two reasons for this which are people driven and event driven, says Martin Flick, chief executive of Olive Communications

The benefits of being agile

Seeking organisational agility? Begin with the fundamentals and develop a workforce of project managers who are also skilled in agile practices

Time for business transformation

The way we work and the companies we work for are changing faster than ever – there’s never been a better time to transform

UK businesses under threat

Right now, there is a unique opportunity to bring the way we live, share, connect and create into the workplace

The business case for change

Transformation isn’t just about being a forward-thinking company for the sake of appearances – it has a direct impact on the bottom line, and the long-term viability of your business