What is the C-suite?

Desks with notepads prepared for C-Suite meeting

They are the most powerful and influential people in any company and, in the case of large organisations, in the world, but who exactly are the C-Suite and what are they responsible for?

Finance expert to strategist: the evolving DNA of the CFO

The role of the CFO is ever-evolving. James Booth explains what this new era of the multidiscipline strategist means and how there is more potential than ever for CFOs to be the architects of change within business

Dangers of ‘beefing up’ the CFO role

CFO warnings

Beefing up the role of the finance chief to focus on business growth may risk losing a traditionally steadying influence in an over-ambitious boardroom

Goodbye CFO? Bots and blockchain are taking over soon


Three chief financial officers from major global companies tell how artificial intelligence is changing their departments and roles

Could finance chiefs save Walnut Whips?

Walnut Whip

Chief financial officers are increasingly assuming pivotal business roles beyond pure finance, promoting growth and profitability

The future CFO: less finance and more strategy?

CFO strategy

Three datasets illustrate the changing role of the chief financial officer, but the future CFO also needs to be able to think outside the box 

Interview: Stephen Daintith, CFO, Rolls-Royce

A very modern finance chief, punk rock fan Stephen Daintith is the new arrival at Rolls-Royce