What is the C-suite?

Desks with notepads prepared for C-Suite meeting

They are the most powerful and influential people in any company and, in the case of large organisations, in the world, but who exactly are the C-Suite and what are they responsible for?

The role of the board in taming the CEO

Elon Musk’s social media spat with the law plays out like a Shakespearean drama, but there’s more at stake than the rant of a corporate prince

Perfecting the juggling act of long-term strategy

With chief executives increasingly tasked with meeting both long-term and short-term shareholder demands, how do the best leaders keep a balance?

How to create your CEO succession plan

The CEO of any organisation is fundamentally responsible for all who sail in her, and part of this means considering who can take the helm next

Choosing a different career path

A degree from a top university may still be a fast track to the top, but enlightened organisations are beginning to tap a wider talent pool

Chief executive pay continues to skyrocket

An ever-widening gap between the pay of chief executives and ordinary workers may be damaging productivity as well as morale among employees

Cultural change: a map for CEOs

From startups to multinationals, chief executives and other senior leaders talk about how company culture can be steered

Reputation matters: brands navigate negativity through honesty and integrity

Ryan Air plane aerial view

It's no longer possible for PR companies to suppress damaging stories for their clients, with the rise of social media and 24-hour news, the burden is falling on business leaders to navigate crises