What is the C-suite?

Desks with notepads prepared for C-Suite meeting

They are the most powerful and influential people in any company and, in the case of large organisations, in the world, but who exactly are the C-Suite and what are they responsible for?

Quantum: a challenge and an opportunity for chief data officers

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With data seen as a hugely valuable commodity, the emergence and growing importance of the chief data officer (CDO) is only set to continue over the next 12 to 18 months

Chief data officer: the role leading business transformation

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The chief data officer has become an important business leader, unlocking commercial value and influencing company strategy

How CDOs can unlock the value of unstructured data

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Some data can be hard to penetrate, but may hold valuable information that can be used to drive business growth

What makes a successful Chief Data Officer?

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Setting targets and measuring the success of a chief data officer will depend on the nature and definition of their role within an organisation

CDOs must be stewards of ethical business standards

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The Cambridge Analytica scandal has raised the profile of chief data officers and the need for ethical business practices

Chief Digital Officer can inspire, transform and build business

Organisations are increasingly appointing a chief digital officer to help them go digital, reap the benefits of expanding their business and provide added customer satisfaction