Why employee journey mapping matters

Employee mapping

It may sound like the latest human resources buzzword, but employee journey mapping has the potential to drive real change for businesses

Why are so many talented lawyers moving in-house?

Lawyers are increasingly turning their backs on private practice and choosing to work in-house for corporations and other organisations

Millennials: we want mentoring – or we’ll take our skills elsewhere

Man and woman having coffee

For employers, choosing the appropriate model is key. Mentoring, sponsorship or coaching?

Taking a lesson from Winston Churchill

“The empires of the future are the empires of the mind,” said Sir Winston Churchill—surely one of history’s most impressive on-the-job learners. In addition to his two terms as British prime minister, Churchill served as an MP, first lord admiralty of the navy and chancellor of the exchequer. He served in the army, could pilot [Read more]

Pipeline no longer a tap for talent

The traditional “talent pipeline” may no longer be fit for purpose as organisations adapt to changing conditions, writes Dave Waller