What investors look for in a CEO

CEO top traits

The CEO is often a selling point for investors looking at new companies to support, but what is it exactly that they want in a CEO?

How the cloud transformed employee learning

Employee cloud education

Cloud is shaking up traditional employee development, but what impact has this had on the workforce and, ultimately, business performance?

How sales organisations should deal with the tech revolution

‘If an organisation wants its salespeople to be the best they can be, for longer, it needs to take an active role in their development’

How to create your CEO succession plan

The CEO of any organisation is fundamentally responsible for all who sail in her, and part of this means considering who can take the helm next

Building change culture with Generation Y

Building change culture with Generation Y

Generation Y is notoriously savvy, opinionated and political, so ignore them at your peril. Any business undergoing a major change needs to cater for this group’s specific needs or face a fresh-faced rebellion

Invest in learning and development - you’re worth it

Working towards shared aims

In the fast-moving world of business, it’s easy to lose track of the latest buzzwords, but one word is always relevant – value

What does Gen Y want?

What does Gen Y want

Alec Marsh finds out how to attract, retain and engage the gifted employees of Generation Y

Reward of staff development

Career development and training are valued by employees and employers alike, but may be overlooked, as Clare Bettelley reports