The future of fintech is in payment innovations

A series of innovations in the payments sector is driving change elsewhere in the UK economy and beyond

Stopping payment fraud without blocking real transactions

Card payment fraud

Businesses must tread a fine line to protect customer payments – stopping sophisticated fraudsters is crucial, but to avoid blocking real transactions requires a more co-ordinated effort

A new type of fraudster is targeting retailers and online shoppers

A new type of fraudster is targeting retailers and online shoppers

Developments in online shopping and e-commerce are being exploited by villainous fraudsters often armed only with a laptop, internet connection and phishing e-mail

Small firms must also be aware of the threat of fraud

Fraud is as much of a threat to smaller firms as big businesses, so why are they lagging behind in prevention?

Thwarting online retail hackers

As online fraudsters increasingly hack into the e-commerce market, merchants are faced with the dual challenge of combating digital crime without adversely impacting on customer experience

Tricksters switch tactics

Organised crime gangs are operating lucrative payment card frauds which target “weak” links in security, as Clare Gascoigne reports