Robots, reality and revolution

The largest plant in Poland owned by a global-brand manufacturer of household cleaning products has averaged more than one addition to the production team every week for the last two years. What makes this trend noteworthy is the fact that all 124 new arrivals are robots

Carbon counts so do the maths

Energy efficiency in business not only helps to maximise profits, but by reducing carbon footprint, it also enhances sustainability for the good of the company – and the planet, writes Jim McClelland

Measuring greenhouse gas emissions

The importance of analysing and managing the carbon footprint of a business can be measured in cost-savings as well as limiting environmental damage, writes Louise Bateman

Green buildings - good business

The demand for environmentally friendly office space and the hunger among investors for profitable low-carbon investments is driving business at Threadneedle Investments

End of road for expensive final mile

How Menzies Distribution is turning market pressure into cost-effective capacity