Cleaning up mining for the sake of the planet

Solar power plant supplying power to IAMGOLD’s Essakane gold mine near Dori, Bukina Faso operations

The mining industry is learning to adapt to a carbon-conscious world and play its part in combating global warming

Oil rich nations invest in infrastructure for low-carbon future

Solar panels

Its vast, uninhabited land strips create the perfect place to build large-scale low-carbon energy generating plants

Fixing Britain’s housing crisis

It’s a political hot potato – and building enough new homes will boost the UK’s economy as well as win votes

Lower carbon homes, higher quality of life

Ben Ferrari

From Stockholm to rural India and China’s megacities, innovations in residential energy, materials, appliances and furnishings can radically reduce our carbon footprint over the next decade and beyond

Salaryplan: Putting your employees in the driving seat

Mini Scarf

There’s a staff benefit which will keep employees mobile – and happy

Top 3 packaging innovations

Colalife Aidpod

So often treated as an afterthought, packaging can be integral to the impact and success of a product, as Mike Scott reports

Robots, reality and revolution

The largest plant in Poland owned by a global-brand manufacturer of household cleaning products has averaged more than one addition to the production team every week for the last two years. What makes this trend noteworthy is the fact that all 124 new arrivals are robots

Carbon counts so do the maths

Energy efficiency in business not only helps to maximise profits, but by reducing carbon footprint, it also enhances sustainability for the good of the company – and the planet, writes Jim McClelland