On brink of major cancer breakthrough?

On brink of major cancer breakthrough

Such is the challenge posed by the threat of cancer to take away life, few could claim victory, but outcomes have improved dramatically and a milestone breakthrough may be within reach

Non-communicable diseases in the developed world

The escape from poverty has closed the door on many of mankind’s worst afflictions, but thrown open the window to others

Macmillan and npower in partnership

Alix Wooding Head of corporate partnerships at Macmillan Cancer Support

It’s no secret that corporate philanthropy is changing. Companies from industries as diverse as mining and logistics publish reports describing ambitious goals to contribute not just money, but their employees’ time and skills to the societies in which they operate

A cancer coming in from the cold

It’s a disease that affects men and many are reluctant to seek diagnosis, but awareness of prostate cancer is rising along with survival rates, writes Liz Bestic

New tests and biomarkers are improving diagnosis

Accurate diagnosis of prostate cancer is an ever-present problem but, as Corinne Swainger discovers, new developments promise progress

Trial challenges the management of low-risk prostate cancer

More than 40,000 men in the UK are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. Some have a lethal illness and around 10,000 will die. However, in many men prostate cancer is harmless and does not need any treatment, says Dr Chris Parker

Scan and biopsy trial is most accurate test in the world

Professor Mark Emberton examines the reliability of testing for prostate cancer and looks to the future for better diagnostic procedures

Killing the cancer without harming healthy cells

Deciding on treatment for prostate cancer can seem like a minefield and many options carry huge risk of side effects which can impact on quality of life, writes Victoria Lambert