Cancer is on the rise but outcomes are improving

Scientist carrying out medical research experiment

The search for a cancer cure should not diminish advances which enable people to live better and longer lives with the disease

Solutions to help cure Africa’s ills

Old and new hospital room split image

Provision of cancer treatment in parts of the developing world ranges from patchy to non-existent, but there are rays of hope providing shining examples for others to follow

Cannabis oil: the cancer sufferers breaking bad

Many cancer sufferers believe that cannabis oil is effective in reducing their suffering, and can even improve the results of chemotherapy. Legal barriers to researching the medical uses of cannabis mean that proof could be decades away, leaving patients to turn to DIY solutions and a suburban black market

Here comes the sun - so protect your skin

We’re buying more sunscreen yet skin cancer is on the increase, making positive strategies for a safer summer evermore urgent

Conquering cancer is race still to be won

Conquering cancer is race still to be won

The race to cure cancer is proving to be a marathon as doctors strive to develop new treatments and the UK struggles to improve early diagnosis

Tailor-made treatments offer new hope

Tailor-made treatments offer new hope

Personalised cancer medicine, based on identifying biomarkers to target treatment, is an attractive aim which promises new hope for patients

Helping patients to heal themselves

Helping patients to heal themselves

It is a new class of cancer treatments which has the medical world fizzing with excitement and hope that cancer can be transformed from a death sentence to a chronic condition

A comprehensive history of cancer treatment

radiation technology for treating cancer

The history of cancer reveals a slow and painful progression towards modern treatments which at last seem to be gathering momentum