Bring your device to work but keep to company rules

The advantages of allowing employees to bring their own technology to work outweigh the risks, but security of company data must be safeguarded

Taking steps towards a BYOD business

Organisations that encourage employees to bring their own technology to work can reap the rewards of a connected and empowered staff

Law is going mobile

Mobile technology and lawyers

The legal profession is largely adopting mobile technology, but problems remain for lawyers on the move

Biggest drivers behind digital transformation

Increasingly, at work, people expect the same slick, powerful technology and the same efficient, flexible methods that they’ve become used to as consumers. In short, they expect to work the way they live

Can we handle the data?

The growth of the internet of things relies on interoperability. Not only is it a necessity, but it is needed on a massive scale, says Suke Jawanda, chief marketing officer of Bluetooth Special Interest Group

Employees are boss when choosing tech

Staff members are increasingly influencing uptake of company technology by bringing their own smartphones, tablets and apps to work, as Jessica Twentyman reports

Managing risk of own devices

The advantages of allowing staff to use their own technology at work could outweigh security implications, as Jonathan Weinberg reports

Bring your own agility

Greater business mobility requires secure technology to match, which not only suits the employer, but also engages the employee, says Samsung