Keeping your head in the clouds

Neil Davidson, vice president of enterprise at Deltek, explains how cloud technology can support business transformation in the professional services sector

Staying agile is essential for business survival

In an ever-faster business world, organisations must stay agile, always ready to adapt to changing times and increasing demands

How your business can thrive in turmoil

Successful businesses are those that anticipate change and embrace disruption as a positive force driving innovation and growth

Pivot your business strategy to thrive long-term

When business stagnates or a newcomer steals your market, agile thinking and swift action can save the company. Case studies from William Hill and BT

Rethinking market research in the digital world

Technology has opened up new opportunities for market research and may also have changed consumers’ attitudes to analysis of their behaviour

Data analytics defines and decides business

It is not only labour-saving and cost efficient, the predictive power of data analytics can drive business forward

The next wave of retailers

Many different and inventive ways of selling are queueing up, hoping to be first in line to cash in at the retailer’s till

Cloud shines bright with silver lining

Cloud shines bright with silver lining

The cloud has gone from a misty concept to a solid platform essential for growth and stability in a global economic climate still coughing and spluttering its way out of recession