How best to make changes?

How to achieve business transformation to stay competitive, whether through major change management or small continuous improvements, has split opinion

Transformation isn’t what it used to be

The nature of change is changing – so we need to take a fresh approach to business transformation within the bounds of company ethos and ethics, says Nick Ringrose, board member of the Management Consultancies Association

Expert advice for healthy services

Healthcare providers face increasing pressure to digitise services but, without specialist advice and support, face avoidable pitfalls

Underpinning business transformation with best-in-class mobile communications

While businesses are investing heavily in transformation programmes, they risk losing competitive advantage if their communications strategy impedes the pace of change. Business leaders must take note of new innovations in mobile voice communications that can drive revenue and enable smarter, more efficient ways of working

Case for a chief change officer

Businesses should consider appointing a chief change officer to focus on transformation

Liberated workers driving latest communications revolution

Managed cloud-based converged communications can help transform business and will liberate your workforce

Get the best from people who think

Maximising the productivity of knowledge workers relies on key organisational factors which are in your control

Second wave of cloud is rolling in

New adopters of cloud technology want more than greater speed and lower costs – they want measurable business transformation