Cloud computing’s next phase in business transformation

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Cloud computing has disrupted businesses like no other technology, but with cloud-enabled innovations, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, the true extent of its impact has yet to be felt

Constant digital transformation is now the new norm

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The need for constant change to stay ahead in business means the term “digital transformation” may give way to “digital evolution”

5 ways insurance is breaking with tradition

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Insurance is an industry steeped in tradition and breaking free from long-established practices has proved a sometimes painful process

Can business keep up with “The Now Economy”?

The now economy

Constant demands of an always-on economy mean businesses must transform to meet the growing expectations of consumers

5 digital transformation mistakes to avoid

Business mistakes to avoid

There is huge room for error in the digital transformation of a company, but here are five top pitfalls to watch out for

Tackling legacy systems

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Tackling legacy systems and managing the influence of dissenting voices to transformation requires a proactive, but measured, approach to stakeholder communication

Businesses need to reinvent or fail

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Companies and organisations that stand still eventually fail, overtaken by ever-faster change and business transformation

Mobile apps are set to revolutionise business

Mobile apps have changed the way we shop, travel, eat and entertain ourselves – now they are transforming the way we work