The business case for change

Transformation isn’t just about being a forward-thinking company for the sake of appearances – it has a direct impact on the bottom line, and the long-term viability of your business

Biggest drivers behind digital transformation

Increasingly, at work, people expect the same slick, powerful technology and the same efficient, flexible methods that they’ve become used to as consumers. In short, they expect to work the way they live

Better leaders key to productivity

Cultural changes are forcing companies to think and act differently – and managing them is essential to business success

Making change easier and effective

A major new survey by PwC has identified five key themes to boost the success rate of change management programmes

Low carbon supply chains

With the approaching threat of damaging climate change, and a growing understanding of the need to develop resilience and sustainability, traditional supply chains must evolve to meet the needs of a low-carbon economy, writes Felicia Jackson

AT&T M2M technology

Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication is transforming the way we live – and the way we do business

M&A Boom

Mid-Market M&A Outlook - Crop

Mid-market companies are expected to spearhead the mergers and acquisitions charge over the coming months, presenting fresh challenges to directors unfamiliar with M&A, writes Elizabeth Pfeuti

NHS chases a paperless tiger

For any large organisation, going paperless is a challenge, but when it is cash strapped, under intense public scrutiny and has a dismal history of IT failure, the task looks like mission impossible, writes Michael Cross