Putting sales at the heart of strategy

People in city at night

Ascending with the pivotal importance of customer data, sales teams are increasingly calling the shots in the boardroom

HR should step up to a strategic role

People working on glass wall

Human resources professionals should be designers of roles, communication and organisational structures to address the challenges facing businesses

Should the boss be sacked?

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Reports that the chief executive is dead may be premature despite some calling time on the boss’s role

Investing in a future of smart tech

Smart city illustration

As the internet of things network expands, opportunities to make money will also grow, offering companies with the right business model a profitable future

Promoting the customer to the board

Board room illustration

Ensuring the customer is represented in the boardroom is reflected in a new range of executive job titles including chief experience officer

How to grow your business amid Brexit uncertainty

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There is growing apathy from UK mid-sized corporate business leaders towards Brexit – and who can blame them, argues Ben Martin, founder of The BrexitTracker

An interview with the man in charge of the purse strings

Computer technology giant Dell’s chief financial officer Tom Sweet tells how he sees his role as a “co-pilot” to the company’s boss Michael Dell