Risk and resilience: how to thrive in the cyber age

green headshot of John Ludlow, chief exec of Airmic, risk association

‘Traditional corporate governance principles on their own are inadequate in the face of digital transformation’

Innovating when times are tough

When should you innovate? When times are tough, most organisations cut costs and hope to weather the storm, but hope is not a strategy, and the best time to innovate is always

Reinvent or die in a ruthless world

Reinvent or die in a ruthless world

No business, no matter how big or established, can afford to stand still for fear of becoming yesterday’s news

How to ensure business resilience

The financial crash and events such as Hurricane Sandy and the flooding which engulfed parts of England and Wales illustrate the importance of companies ensuring they are resilient to possible shockwaves, as Mike Scott reports

Target the mid-market

Often undervalued and overlooked, mid-market companies represent resilient and powerful growth opportunities for potential investors, as Elizabeth Pfeuti reports

Counter risk but enable growth

Risk managers must protect business from catastrophic failure in a way that does not stifle growth, writes Alex Cardno

‘Resilient companies succeed’

How well prepared is your organisation to withstand setbacks and crisis? The answer to that question goes well beyond risk management. New research shows that resilient companies are generally more successful and ultimately more profitable. John Hurrell says behaviour is key

Insight versus oversight

Risk management is a way of developing “insights” into emerging uncertainties within a business, to adapt and achieve resilience, says Milliman