How CFOs can drive business restructuring

CFO business restructuring

From rejigging supply chains to job cuts, strategic operational and financial changes are sometimes necessary to avoid crisis situations

Why digital oversight is so critical

When digital transformation projects are well underway, significant risks remain

‘Take the best agile practices to suit your business’

Rainbow building with people in front

Businesses can pick and mix from the various agile methodologies to best suit their purpose

Top 5 sectors using artificial intelligence

After decades of false starts, systems based on artificial intelligence, defined as software capable of pattern recognition, fuzzy logic and cognitive learning, are proving their worth in several sectors…

Businesses need a solid mobile strategy to survive in 2016

UK companies without an effective mobile strategy will fall behind their competitors as smartphones are set to dominate the New Year

Writing a business strategy

Writing a business strategy

How to draw up a company strategy and business plan may vary, depending on the organisation and individuals involved, but the aim remains the same

Pushing treasury up food chain

corporate treasury

Changing financial conditions have called for a change in role for corporate treasurers who are increasingly becoming more involved with different parts of the business, as Christian Doherty reports