Four beacons of hope amid retail gloom

Jessops storefront after business turnaround

From luxury retailers to discount stores, retail business failures are strewn throughout the sector, but despite the gloom there is a handful of businesses offering hope to the strugglers

Should you prioritise mental health over ‘performance’?

cartoon of scales showing balance between work performance and mental health

Reprioritising the mental wellbeing of employees requires business leaders to take a closer look at workplace culture

Company culture: growth or performance-based?

Ball bouncing down stairs

Tension remains over whether it’s best to run a business with a growth or performance-based culture

5 easy steps to integrate apps into your business

A recent Salesforce study reveals how 60 per cent of UK employees now use apps on mobile devices for work and that enterprise apps boost productivity by more than 34 per cent. So why not get in on the action? Here’s a five-step guide

Big data or big statistics?

Is statistical analysis a science and big data more of an art? Miya Knights poses the question and reviews the development of analytical software