A CFO’s guide to stakeholder management

CFO discussing business in a meeting

An accomplished chief financial officer will maintain a solid and productive working relationship with key members of the company to add value across all functions of the business

Should bosses enter the political arena?

Business leaders

Business leaders who get involved in politics by endorsing candidates or campaigns can, rightly or wrongly, influence their employees

Good company culture boosts business

Chief executives have much to do, but they should not neglect empowering their workforce with a set of common values and goals which will ultimately define company success

What leaders can learn from skippers

Sailing yachts

Sailing a yacht in stormy seas can teach a captain of industry how to navigate turbulent economic conditions on dry land

“Design thinking” explained

Illustration of creative thinking

Chief executives who want to drive change should consider putting design thinking to work across the entire organisation, and challenge ideas of leadership and power within their business

Great leaders must show their human side

Business hierarchies are changing along with the qualities needed to be a modern leader

Leadership qualities that inspire change

All hail the visionary leader

Senior executives who can transform businesses are particularly valuable in an era when organisations must be lean and adaptive. But what are the skills that make someone a transformational leader and is it possible to acquire them?

The secrets of mid-market growth


Two chief executives share the experience of successfully steering their mid-market companies to profit and growth