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Big data has meant chief financial officers are investing in smart software which can increase their effectiveness and standing with the board

The CFO’s role in crafting digital strategy

Digital strategy, IT strategy, data strategy, chief digital officers, chief information officers, chief technology officers or chief data officers. Confused? I know I am

Seven stages of predictive analytics implementation

Predictive analytics is a data-driven tool which helps companies stay ahead of the competition by revealing future trends and helping hedge risks – here is how to get the most out of it

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Information gleaned from machines “talking” to machines in the internet of things is a valuable resource for industry, says Datawatch

Changing face of technology


New trends in technology offer medium-sized businesses huge advantages if handled correctly, says Mark Starkey, managing director of Logicalis, the IT solutions and managed services provider

The mission for public sector data

Government is attempting to make the most of a vast amount of data on UK citizens, presenting both desirable opportunities and difficult challenges, writes Leo King

How services organisations can drive success in a data-driven world

Changepoint: Powerful, embedded analytics can present data to users in a single view for ease of analysis

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The computing power of the cloud is perfectly suited for the Herculean task of crunching big data, writes Rod Newing