CDOs must be stewards of ethical business standards

Christopher Wylie ethical Cambridge Analytica wearing glasses in profile

The Cambridge Analytica scandal has raised the profile of chief data officers and the need for ethical business practices

The need for a sustainable global supply chain

Lady shopping in supermarket

High street giant Marks & Spencer is leading the charge against abuses in the global supply chain with a long-term commitment to sustainability

Why businesses should cast aside competition for the better

Two business men shaking hands in window

When it comes to acting for the common good, however, we shouldn’t be striving to stand out, to subvert a competitor in the pursuit of our own agenda

Driving corporate sustainability

An ethical approach to business can not only be profitable, but is also often a requirement of discerning customers eager to safeguard the planet and protect workers

Make money while doing good

Ethical business practices, placing the wellbeing of people and the planet alongside healthy profits, are gaining traction among established corporations and radical startups alike

When exiting is risking your business values

The Body Shop storefront

When a brand that built its reputation on upholding high ethical standards is sold, can the ethical approach be safeguarded?

Ethical commerce is in demand and on the rise

Illustration of ethical commerce

Business should be ethical to do the right thing and not just because it may make money

Don’t go ape over German success

As Britain considers mobilising her own “mittelstand” of growing mid-sized companies into a collective force, Germany’s original model remains the gold standard for success. But it could be folly to try to copy Germany, writes Will Stirling.