What crowdsourced data can do for business

The opportunity to use the cloud to crowdsource knowledge could be an important factor in the technology’s next phase of growth

How CDOs can unlock the value of unstructured data

unstructured data Loops of light against night sky

Some data can be hard to penetrate, but may hold valuable information that can be used to drive business growth

What makes a successful Chief Data Officer?

chief data officer glasses in front of laptop screen covered in text

Setting targets and measuring the success of a chief data officer will depend on the nature and definition of their role within an organisation

Cloud is shaping a new UK digital landscape

Cloud computing, with its benefits of affordable scale, speed and collaboration, is spreading across the business landscape

A data-driven approach

When companies consider analysing large volumes of business data as part of their overall risk management strategy, the concept can at first seem too daunting, says ACL’s director of global solutions consulting, Chris Stewart-Smith