Why the Brazilian pension system must change

The uphill battle to transform Brazil’s unsustainable pension system will not be resolved overnight and, even if approved, will probably need to be revisited in years to come

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Brazil: the new insurance giant

Heavy traffic in a street in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brazil’s insurance market is open for business in a country ready to capitalise on new technology and sophisticated business models

Rebuilding Rio’s Olympic heart

As the Olympics loomed and Brazil’s economic boom sputtered to an end, Rio De Janeiro embarked on a massive urban development programme, aimed at creating a lasting legacy from the Games, but the overhaul has created huge tensions between people and profit

‘Carwash’ scandal airs Brazil’s dirty laundry

Hundreds of thousands took to the streets to protest government corruption at the highest levels, with both Brazil’s president and now the opposition in the firing line. Dilma Rousseff used to be a champion for Brazil’s poor; today the former Marxist guerrilla is a pariah figure, sucked into a corruption scandal

Top 10 emerging markets for outsourcing

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World payments in Brazil

When you sell in Brazil, you need a partner with real local knowledge, says Souheil Badran

Returning to tax and how much you pay abroad

Company taxation is a controversial area as global giants seek to minimise liabilities, writes Rachael Singh, who offers a guide to overseas tax strategies