Why big brands are moving away from Amazon

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Brands are choosing to forego Amazon and sell their products directly to consumers in an attempt to create a more personalised and immersive online shopping experience

CMOs must not lose sight of the power of brand

people walking past car showroom, car brand visible

After years of exponential growth in digital ad revenues have marketers swum out too far into the performance-driven sea and lost sight of the importance of brand-building?

Five brands pioneering the immersive retail experience

Missguided retail experience store

From retailers creating community-based hubs, focused on social currency and connectivity, to pure-play giants launching physical spaces for an immersive brand experience, retail stores are being reimagined

Small beauty brands can now attract big money

Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson co-founders of Too Faced

Successful independent beauty brands are the targets of private equity investors as well as major brands in an active acquisitions market

Brands get political for good causes

Salesforce has threatened to pull investment in US states considering anti-LGBT legislation

Multinational businesses are flexing their corporate muscles to meet consumer demand for an ethical stance on global issues

“Design thinking” explained

Illustration of creative thinking

Chief executives who want to drive change should consider putting design thinking to work across the entire organisation, and challenge ideas of leadership and power within their business

Selling what it means to be British

Understanding how meaning is created and communicated, sometimes through signs and symbols, can assist brands in selling their products

How to tell the world organic tastes good

Many natural and organic products have undergone a facelift, bringing them up to date for a place in mainstream retail