On the scent of a new market

How can perfume make its mark on the online market? Shrewd fragrance houses should take note of the latest technology to tap into scent-lovers’ personal tastes, writes Jo Fairley

It’s time for skin care to get personal

In a market flooded with so-called “miracle products”, Claire Coleman asks whether brand personalisation will prove to be a winning formula for engaging customers and driving sales?

Divide and rule the beauty age gap

From trendy teens to skin-aware 60-somethings, how is the industry adapting to the desires of two divergent age markets? Claire Coleman reports on why brands must divide and conquer if they’re to rise to the challenge

What do customers really want?

The secret to a successful customer loyalty strategy is to awaken the imagination and deliver on the promise, writes Annich McIntosh

Winning hearts and minds

Customer loyalty may be an emotional response but, as Neil Davey discovers, economic hardship can cause consumers to take a more rational approach

Counting cost of customer loyalty

A customer loyalty programme is a major boost if it works, but an expensive price-reduction exercise if it doesn’t, as Chris Jacobs discovers

Digital technology pulls down the conference hall

A conference is no longer limited to the four walls of its venue. James Silver finds out how to engage delegates and spread the message outside

The long and diversifying road

Josh Sims explores the detour Italian car manufacturers are taking through brand licensing