Offence and defence in powerful digital age

Raymond Snoddy examines how social networking websites, such as Twitter, have transformed reputation management for organisations operating in a digital age

Fulfilling the brand promise

Brands must strive for consistently high quality and control their identity without killing local flexibility, as David Benady reports

Call to action for brands with sustainable potential

Lucy Shea, chief executive of Futerra Sustainability Communications, explains how “planet brands” can engage consumers and help save the Earth

Banking on lessons from Libor

Professor Chris Bones, of Manchester Business School, discusses the role of directors in ensuring good governance and upholding a brand’s reputation

Blemish balm boom and timeless allure of lipstick

Why is it that when share prices plummet, sales of cosmetics soar? When it comes to explaining economic theories, it’s just a case of history, as Bethan Cole reports

World tour of beauty trends makes up diverse market

Brands hoping to extend their global reach must recognise the differing “personalities” of regional markets if they are to succeed, writes Susan Harmsworth

Skin deep but in the psyche?

If beauty is a barometer of the social mood, the language brands use to communicate with consumers on a psychological level will provide the key to driving sales in the future, writes Bella Blissett

Beauty clicks in cyberspace

From bloggers to beauty e-tail, the stratospheric rise of the online market is causing waves throughout the industry. Brands that are smart will set sail for the exciting new world of digital beauty, as Lisa Eldridge reports