Combining business and design for strategic innovation

American Express, Burberry, Procter & Gamble, Samsung, GlaxoSmithKline, PepsiCo, Cisco, Aviva, FedEx and scores of other leading global businesses have a secret that is helping them to stay ahead of others. It’s not brilliant acquisitions. It’s not clever marketing. And it’s not a crystal ball that’s allowing chief executives to peer into the future

Social beast there to be tamed

Harnessing social media to grow business is a 21st-century innovation which hitched a ride on the internet, as Dan Matthews reports

Risk and reputation: preparing for business reality

New research from The Chartered Institute of Marketing reveals the reputational risks facing brands in a customer-empowered, social era. Thomas Brown, associate director, research and insights at CIM, explains

Mixing music with jeans and thrills

The former record producer who directs marketing at the Diesel clothing group tells Raymond Snoddy how to stage a good show

Doing right if things go wrong

When companies are rocked by a scandal, management teams need to know they have a plan to restore faith in the organisation. Joe McGrath investigates whether there is such a formula

Austerity is changing our values and priorities

Tightened household budgets has prompted a rethink among consumers, and altered the way they react to retailers and brands, as Jane Simms discovers

Industry booming as e-cigs catch on

The electronic cigarette industry is booming as more and more smokers quit tobacco, but the future for “vaping” is uncertain, writes Dan Matthews

‘Almost as good as sex’ but underperforming?

Advertising executive Al Young sees greater potential in the electronic cigarette market and offers some possible campaign slogans