What marketers need to know about video in 2017

James Corden carpool karaoke

It’s tipped by some as the future of communications and marketing, yet the success of video may depend on whether it suits the smartphone’s small screen

What businesses can learn from Trump

Trump campaign rally

With Western politics left reeling from its second major disruption of 2016, it’s time to consider what these signals of change mean for businesses

The rise of the viral brand crisis

Pop art image of a man at a computer

Angry consumers with a justified reason to complain, with the megaphone of social media, and cyber fakers attempting to damage a brand’s reputation mean companies must have a counter strategy

Try not to make a brand disaster out of a crisis

Image of BP public relations disaster

The way the leader or public face of a company handles a crisis can make or break a brand. Here are two examples of how not to do it and two of how it should be done

Social media has put consumers in the driving seat

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Social media has largely stolen control from brands and given it to savvy consumers spreading their message on Twitter and Facebook

The rise of people-watching research carried out by brands

People-watching can get you into trouble, but not if it’s an ethnographic study with volunteers surrendering to researchers who are trying to understand lifestyles from a business perspective

Case study: Sacla’

Established brands with a taste for innovation can stay ahead of the competition

Angry Birds, Star Wars and Frozen: the value of lucrative IP merchandising deals

Buying and selling intellectual property rights in lucrative merchandising deals can be a win-win proposition