Protecting brand reputation in the wake of a cyber attack

A brand’s reputation can be the biggest casualty in a cyber attack, evidenced by high-profile resignations of company executives and plummeting share prices in the aftermath of a data security breach

Is social media the ultimate legal branding tool?

Enabling mobile technology and engaging through social media are essential for a successful, modern law firm

Why are public trust and transparency so important for retailers?

For any company, but particularly one operating in a fiercely competitive market aiming to reach customers on the high street and online, reputation and public trust are of paramount importance to the long-term growth prospects of the business

Don’t overlook your intangible assets

Business assets, such as key personnel and brand value, along with damage from cyber attacks, are difficult to quantify – and are strikingly underinsured by risk managers

Reputational risk in the social media age

Safeguarding corporate reputation and brand value is now firmly on the boardroom agenda as executives must learn to be nimble in response to criticism and crises

Learn to let go: the new reality for brands

Learn to let go the new reality for brands

For generations marketers have been trained to think and act in a certain way with brand and reputation management – now that schooling is fast becoming obsolete, says Thomas Brown, director of strategy and marketing at the Chartered Institute of Marketing

Smart companies see brand and reputation as one

smart brands

They are so interlinked that successful companies are taking a proactive, long-term approach to managing their reputation while investing in the brand

How to measure brand value

Apple store

Increasingly manifold definitions of brands and branding may have made measuring value more difficult, but it is nonetheless essential and is now informed by social media