Brands struggle to make ‘woke’ marketing work

billboard with Colin Kaepernick on it

Reaching out to a new generation of consumers that grew up skipping ads on YouTube is an ongoing challenge for brands. But how do companies show they are alert to political and social injustice in an authentic way? More importantly, should they even try?

CMOs must not lose sight of the power of brand

people walking past car showroom, car brand visible

After years of exponential growth in digital ad revenues have marketers swum out too far into the performance-driven sea and lost sight of the importance of brand-building?

Can brands separate ethics from politics?

Pepsi pulled its controversial, politically charged TV ad featuring Kendall Jenner after widespread criticism that it trivialised civil rights movements

In a world often driven by social media, brands are increasingly projecting an ethical stance

Why marketing needs to reflect a modern and diverse UK

Maltesers’ Look on the light side adverts, created by AMV BBDO in collaboration with Scope, starred actors with a range of disabilities

For marketing and advertising to be effective, it should reflect its audience or people will not buy in

Marketing to confuse the competition

Marketers, unlike colleagues in other parts of a business, may need to abandon obvious “best practice” to beat competitors

Improving service is key to brand success

Customer experience cover

Brands offering convenience shopping and fast delivery must also provide top customer service to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market

The power of personalisation

Personalisation for brands

The drive to personalise consumer offers is moving from targeted customers to include the wider family unit

Brands name-calling and making cheeky claims

Virgin blimp displays the sign “BA can’t get it up!!” after the then British Airwayssponsored London Eye had a technical problem erecting the wheel

Taking on a rival business with aggressive comparative advertising is not for the faint hearted but certainly grabs attention